Gay Celebrity Crap

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gay, Crappy Celebrity Games

Here's a not entirely timely link to a Mel Gibson game which seems to suggest that he's got some issues with alchohol and Jews.

Here's Conan O'Brian The Barbarian. Cimmarian/Mick parallism: Not funny. Game: Better than most Mario knockoffs.

Here's a Sarah Michelle Gellar puzzle. A little easier than the sliding tile type of puzzle.

Vaguely tetrisoid game with a picture of Carmen Electra in it for some reason. Too bad there isn't some simpler way of getting pictures of her from the internet.

A Jennifer Love Hewit reflex test. I must have read something good about her somewhere, because I seem to like her now and I'm pretty sure that's got nothing to do with The Ghost Whisperer.

One of those face warper things.


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